Why Getting Professionals To Pack Your Belongings As Well As Move Them Makes Perfect Sense

When people move home, they usually hire removalists to transport their belongings from one home to another. There are many reasons why this ensures that, in almost every case, their items arrive at the new home intact and complete. In addition, even if there was a mishap or, worse, an accident and anything was damaged, reputable removalists have insurance that covers their clients for any losses.

There are other services that many removalists like provide, such as the supply of packing boxes and materials, international moves, storage facilities, and the one which will be the focus of this article, a packing service. This service means that instead of the client and their family having to pack all their belongings before moving, the removalist company sends their team to do so. Several benefits accrue from this packing service, including the main ones outlined below.

Saves You Time, Effort, And Possibly Money

The most obvious benefit of using removalists’ packing services is saving the time you would have to spend doing so. In addition, all the effort, energy, and, we dare say, stress is no longer yours to worry about. You might also save money. If you are considering using a packaging service other than your removalists’, they may have a package offer that makes it cheaper to go with their packing service than a third party’s.



Why You Should Include Your Funeral Plan As Part Of Your Estate Planning

The thought that one day in the future will be our last on this earth is not one that many of us will choose to dwell on, but it is so, and it brings into focus some practical realities that we need to address. Financial planners might often be more appropriate for someone whose life is in front of them, but they can benefit people of all ages, even if they have no plans to throw off this mortal coil anytime soon.

One of the specifics we can plan for, regardless of how old or young we are, is our funeral within our estate planning with Culshaw Miller Family Lawyers. We mention ‘young’ because, in reality, the earlier you have plans in place for your funeral, the less stressful and upsetting it will be. For example, compare the difference emotionally for someone aged 40 planning for their funeral, knowing it will be decades away, and someone in their mid-70s doing likewise, knowing it might be just a few years from now.

Apart from the emotional observation we have just made, there are several other reasons why you should have your funeral plans in place well in advance. Now, we accept that many of these benefits will accrue to your loved ones after you have passed away, but from the moment you finalise your funeral plans, it will give you peace of mind, knowing everything is in place. The specific benefits are outlined below.



6 Ways to be Plastic Free

We are committed to the plastic free movement.  6 Steps to Being Plastic Free:

1. Get your reusables ready! Place reusable shopping bags by the front door, a fork in your handbag, a stainless steel drink bottle or coffee mug and whatever else you need to make refusing single-use plastic as easy as possible.

2. Do a bin audit! That’s a fancy term for looking in your rubbish and recycling bin and seeing what you throw away. Which are the biggest offenders? Which will be the easiest things to switch? Make notes so you’re ready to look for alternatives when you go shopping.

3. Check your grocery receipt and see if there’s anything there that you could make rather than buy. For example, if you have a blender, you can whip up dips in a couple of minutes, plastic-free.

4. Ask the butcher / deli / fishmonger to wrap meats straight in paper if you don’t have your own containers and buy fresh bread in paper bags (if you don’t have your own bread bag).



10 Fun Activities Everyone Should Have On Their Bucket List

Whichever type of group you are trying to arrange fun activities for, be it your family, your friends, or your work colleagues, it can often be difficult to find something that is different from the norm. Whilst, most group activities will be fun to a degree, what really takes the enjoyment to a different level, is their uniqueness.

This list of unusual activities is one which with activities we believe EVERYONE should try at least once in their life, and thus they should be added to their very own ‘bucket list’.

#1 Crime Scene Investigation

Something a bit different within the ‘Whodunnit’ genre where the group gets to work a staged crime scene in the same way you would see on TV shows such as ‘CSI’. The goal is obviously to solve the murder, and have fun doing so.

#2 Axe Throwing

Compete with the others in your group to see who is the top ‘shot’ when it comes to throwing an axe at a target. Axe throwing centres offer a variety of options for groups including axe throwing lessons, team-building exercises, and competitions.



10 Helpful Tips For A Low Maintenance Landscape Design

When discussing your new landscape design with landscaping experts from, there will be many requests and questions. This is perfectly normal because, after all, you will be living with and using that garden for many years to come, so you will understandably want it to be as perfect and as close to what you want as possible.

Whilst many of your requests will concern specifics relating to plants, features, and the layout, you may also request that we guarantee thousands of other homeowners will also make. That request will be for your landscaped garden to require as little maintenance as possible. There will be many reasons why that request is made, ranging from someone not being a keen gardener to potential mobility issues.

Whatever these reasons, if you want a low-maintenance garden, you will be looking for your landscape designer to advise you on what should and should not be included in the landscape design. To give you a head start and some ideas that you may wish to discuss with them, here are ten tips that will help your landscape designer produce a garden that is low Maintenance.

Low Maintenance Tip #1 – Leave Out The Lawn: You could eliminate the task that most gardeners would rather avoid, namely mowing the lawn, by having a garden that does not have a lawn by replacing it with artificial turf or paving, for example.



Wine and Curry – Match Made in Heaven?

While most people would probably prefer to drink a large glass of milk rather than wine with a hot curry, in a restaurant, it’s not always a possibility. And, if you’re not a huge fan of Mango Lassi or a refreshing Lager, you will still be hoping that a glass of wine, or a bulk number of bottles if you buy online wine, can quench your thirst and relieve the fire on your taste buds.

However, as you will quickly realise – be it at home or a restaurant – not every wine you drink with curry is going to be suitable. Some, in fact, intensify the heat or change the flavour of your meal entirely. If you’re determined that you’ll be ordering something off the wine list, along with checking official wine reviews, here are a few tips and tricks to help you make the right choice.

Consider the Curry

There are so many different types of curry depending on the culture, country, heat intensity, and the protein you choose to include as well. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” approach to choosing wine for curry in general. What works for chicken tikka masala, for example, won’t work for Thai red roast duck curry.

Therefore, before you go ahead and choose your wine, consider the heat levels, the protein, the richness of the spices, and the culture from which it comes. These can all help you make the right decision.

The Wine’s Aim

Because you’re sure to find your curry is a little on the spicy side, your aim is, of course, going to be to relieve some of that fire in your mouth and cleanse your palate at the same time. To achieve that, you’ll need a refreshing wine that contrasts against the heat of the curry, as well as a touch of sweetness. Wine with added sweetness is more than suitable for exceptionally hot curries such as Thai green curry.



Weddings – 3 Reasons Why you Should Choose Personalised Gifts

When it comes to the bridal party, the groomsmen, and your guests, you want to make them feel welcome and important. While the wedding is all about the bride and groom, and rightly so, it’s also about those with which you’re willing to share your most special occasion. Therefore, when it comes to providing gifts for those close to you, such as bridesmaid robes and dinner table gestures, you want to make sure they mean something.

A gesture of thank you can mean so much more, so we’ve included three reasons why you should choose personalised gifts below.

They’re more personal

It goes without saying – a personalised gift is more personal. When you’re looking for gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s always a nice idea to opt for items that will continue to hold significance, and will never be thrown away. In the case of bridesmaids, a bridesmaid robe with their name embroidered on it will always be cherished. For groomsmen, a custom labelled bottle of spirits is sure to be appreciated as well.


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Health Benefits of Sunshine

If you see a child with very pale skin you will probably think they are healthy because their mother has been very careful to slap on the sunscreen and only allow them outside in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun is not so hot. However, you would be wrong.

People who don’t get enough sun on their skin can be very unhealthy. The main way we get Vitamin D is by the action of the sun on our skin. Vitamin D is important in itself, but it is also necessary as an aid to absorbing calcium which makes bones and teeth strong and healthy. This is even more important for children, whose bodies are still growing.

There are many other health benefits of sunshine on the skin: –


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What is Sleep Apnoea?

Sleep Apnoea is a medical condition that prevents your body from getting the kind of sleep and rest that is needed for optimum health.  It’s not just having insomnia; many sufferers don’t even know they have it and may even think they sleep well. At the same time, they’ll always feel tired and wonder why.

What is happening during those night hours if you have sleep apnoea? Your breathing is being obstructed so that you actually stop breathing for tiny periods of time while you are asleep. This often happens mostly during that deep sleep cycle and your body is then deprived of the oxygen you need while at the same time having too much carbon dioxide in the blood.

That sounds very bad and it is, but the brain recognizes the fact that there is not enough oxygen in the bloodstream and goes to work to waken you so that you start breathing again. You may not know that this happens because you are not likely to come fully awake. You’ll just come out of that deep sleep cycle and will once again sleep lightly and breathe more regularly – until it happens again.

The trouble is that this can happen hundreds of times per night, so is it any wonder you feel constantly tired?