6 Ways to be Plastic Free

We are committed to the plastic free movement.  6 Steps to Being Plastic Free:

1. Get your reusables ready! Place reusable shopping bags by the front door, a fork in your handbag, a stainless steel drink bottle or coffee mug and whatever else you need to make refusing single-use plastic as easy as possible.

2. Do a bin audit! That’s a fancy term for looking in your rubbish and recycling bin and seeing what you throw away. Which are the biggest offenders? Which will be the easiest things to switch? Make notes so you’re ready to look for alternatives when you go shopping.

3. Check your grocery receipt and see if there’s anything there that you could make rather than buy. For example, if you have a blender, you can whip up dips in a couple of minutes, plastic-free.

4. Ask the butcher / deli / fishmonger to wrap meats straight in paper if you don’t have your own containers and buy fresh bread in paper bags (if you don’t have your own bread bag).

5. Buy fresh vegetables not wrapped in plastic, order a box of fruit and veg (check out Go Organic Fruit & Veg Delivery) or shop at your local farmers market.

6. Refuse plastics that escape as litter such as straws, takeaway cups, utensils, or balloons

We would love our customers to help support our cause in reducing single use plastic by bringing a shopping bag next time you visit or use one of our recycled cardboard boxes!

Refusing plastic bags is easy with two stylish shopping bags available from Honest to Goodness. One bag is made from 100% Recycled PET (RPET) and the other is a large jute hessian bag. Both are sturdy and roomy to fit loads of goodies!

If you would like to find out more on becoming plastic free visit Register to join the cause and you’ll be joining a million+ people world-wide from 130 countries in making a difference. #choosetorefuse #saynotosingleuseplastics