Care doesn’t have to be daunting, we can tailor make your care to meet your needs. If you need help with your day-to-day activities, or simply require a companion, we will be able to support you. You can ask your local council to do an assessment to identify your needs, and help you to plan your support.

Social Companionship/Buddy Services
We understand that there may be times that you need that little bit of extra support or companionship. With this flexible service you will be able to have that extra support that you need without the worry for seeing a different person each time. We will provide you with the right person to support you and your needs, everyone likes a bit of on line shopping however nothing beats a good mooch around the aisles!!

The type of help and support you need will depend on your personal circumstances but might include things like:

Help to get around/ run errands
Supporting you with social and leisure activities
Helping with shopping &/or budgeting
Helping with cooking and cleaning
We can provide someone who can help you with a number of activities, focused upon keeping you as independent as possible. You will have your say in who supports and spends time with you; we understand that some people are not everyone’s cup of tea! During our assessment of the support you require we will be able to match a support worker to you, and there will also be an opportunity for you to meet them prior to their first visit if you should wish.

Personalised Home Care and Support – (Domiciliary Care)
For LGBT individuals with physical illnesses and disabilities, mental health problems, and end of life care needs ranging from 1hr to 24hrs a day, including:

Help getting up, washed and dressed in the morning
Assistance with maintaining personal appearance
Help and support with toileting/continence care
Help settling in for the evening and going to bed
Medication support
Sleeps/Waking Nights
We will adapt your support to meet your needs, and will also find you the perfect carer to help and support you. We understand that choosing the right carer to help you with personal tasks can be very daunting; with our ongoing support we will ensure that you are comfortable with your care worker, and will have regular contact with you to ensure that we are continuingly adapting your care if any circumstances should change.

Re-enablement Care
This is intensive short-term support (usually up to six weeks if funded by your local social services) to help you regain confidence and skills, perhaps after a fall or hospital stay. With this service we will support and encourage you with the tasks needed to enable you to stay at home whilst receiving the high quality care you require.

The care that is provided to you would be based upon the recommendations given by your hospital social worker, this could include:

Assisting with your morning/night routine
Medication Support
Meal Preparation
Following your personal assessment undertaken by your hospital social worker we will adapt your care to meet your needs, allowing you to have your say alongside the recommendations from the hospital professionals.

Involves supporting people with more complex needs such as: mental health problems or learning disabilities, in their own home, but also out in the community.

With a wealth of experience we will provide you with someone that will have an understanding and specialises within complex needs. We will match a carer to you and your needs that is right for you, who understands that although things may be challenging at times, the care and support that is needed comes with extra responsibilities.

Live-in Care
Providing full time one-to-one 24 hour live-in care services across the UK. This expertise offers care that fits in with your lifestyle, enabling you to stay in the familiarity and comfort of your own home.

Live in care is a great alternative to residential and nursing home support, and can allow you to receive a high level of care and support on a one to one basis, without completely changing your lifestyle. Our live in care service is designed to fit around your lifestyle giving you the peace of mind that the support you will be receiving will be on your terms and fit in with your routine instead of the timetable of a residential/nursing home.

Your live in support will be tailor made to you and your needs, our carers will be there to add the value to your lifestyle that you require.

Following our personal assessment we will be able to find the right live in carer for you, ensuing that you and your family have peace of mind that the person caring for you is the right match for you.

We employ a variety of carers with different levels of care experience, hobbies and interests, enabling us to give you the choice of who will be your live in support.

During or following your personal assessment we will supply you with carer profiles with information about each care worker enabling you to make an informed decision, we will also provide you with the opportunity to meet with your carer before your final decision is made.

Respite Care
We understand that although being a full time carer is a very rewarding role, from time to time carers and family members need to have a break as well, and some time for themselves.

Respite Care gives the carer or family member who is caring for a loved one essential time off; providing cover whilst they take a short care break whether this is for a few hours or longer periods of time, enabling a temporary retreat with the reassurance that your loved one is being provided high quality care.

Respite care can vary in length from a few hours sitting service to 24 hour or longer stays we can provide you with the peace of mind that your loved one is still being cared for to a high standard while their main carer is having a well deserved break.

Rapid Response Support
Care treatment to people who are experiencing some degree of crisis or difficulty; working in a person’s own home (this may be a nursing home or residential home for some people who live in these environments), attempting to provide prompt interventions (treatments) aimed at resolving the difficulties and improving the situation.

Complementary Therapies
We understand ‘quality’ in care. We provide complementary therapies to be included in, or additional to your initial care package from experienced and fully qualified therapists. We provide an ever increasing range of therapies such as:

Swedish Body Massage
Spiritual Healing
Pranic Healing
Indian Head Massage
Foot Massage
Alcohol/Drug Support Services
Providing ongoing support and understanding for those individuals living with or recovering from alcohol/drug abuse. With a personal understanding of the challenges faced on a daily basis we have a dedicated team able to offer support and guidance to you within your own home.