Weddings – 3 Reasons Why you Should Choose Personalised Gifts

When it comes to the bridal party, the groomsmen, and your guests, you want to make them feel welcome and important. While the wedding is all about the bride and groom, and rightly so, it’s also about those with which you’re willing to share your most special occasion. Therefore, when it comes to providing gifts for those close to you, such as bridesmaid robes and dinner table gestures, you want to make sure they mean something.

A gesture of thank you can mean so much more, so we’ve included three reasons why you should choose personalised gifts below.

They’re more personal

It goes without saying – a personalised gift is more personal. When you’re looking for gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, it’s always a nice idea to opt for items that will continue to hold significance, and will never be thrown away. In the case of bridesmaids, a bridesmaid robe with their name embroidered on it will always be cherished. For groomsmen, a custom labelled bottle of spirits is sure to be appreciated as well.

However, personalising gifts doesn’t have to end with just your wedding party. Your guests can also be catered for. At many weddings, each table is adorned with beautiful table runners, shiny cutlery, and décor that matches the overall theme of the wedding. However, small wedding favours such as a little jar of lollies or a custom drink coaster can also be found. The jar of lollies can have a sticky label bearing the date and name of the happy couple, and the coaster can be printed with the same. Both are affordable options while being effective at the same time.

They help your nearest and dearest to remember the event

For days after your wedding, your guests will remember the very day, the date, the month, and the year your wedding was held. However, over time, that memory can fade. While your guests and wedding party won’t forget how they felt when they attended your wedding, they may forget the finer details.

Personalised gifts help to reinstate that memory, or stop it fading in the first place. Your groomsmen might keep their personalised bottle of spirits locked away in their liquor cabinet for safekeeping, while bridesmaids might hang their bridesmaid robes in their wardrobes to be viewed every day. While the wedding took place in one day, the memories can last a lifetime.

They make attendants feel a part of the occasion

A wedding is a momentous occasion, but if you’ve ever hosted a party, you will know how hard it can be to ensure everyone is happy and having a good time. Making attendants to your wedding feel like a part of the occasion can be tough, but personalised gifts can often bridge any gaps while giving you a reason to go up to your guests and thank them for coming.

Putting together goody bags, or providing each guest with a small personalised gesture of your thanks is a well known and altogether popular option. It enables you to walk up to any guest – regardless of how well you know them – thank them for coming, and provide them with the gesture. The best part is, doing so can cost a small amount of money, but it can hold tremendous value for your guest.

Thanking your guests with personalised gifts requires a certain amount of thinking outside the square, but it doesn’t need a big budget. Spend a bit of time thinking about what your guests would appreciate, and you’re sure to find the entire event goes off without a hitch.