10 Helpful Tips For A Low Maintenance Landscape Design

When discussing your new landscape design with landscaping experts from, there will be many requests and questions. This is perfectly normal because, after all, you will be living with and using that garden for many years to come, so you will understandably want it to be as perfect and as close to what you want as possible.

Whilst many of your requests will concern specifics relating to plants, features, and the layout, you may also request that we guarantee thousands of other homeowners will also make. That request will be for your landscaped garden to require as little maintenance as possible. There will be many reasons why that request is made, ranging from someone not being a keen gardener to potential mobility issues.

Whatever these reasons, if you want a low-maintenance garden, you will be looking for your landscape designer to advise you on what should and should not be included in the landscape design. To give you a head start and some ideas that you may wish to discuss with them, here are ten tips that will help your landscape designer produce a garden that is low Maintenance.

Low Maintenance Tip #1 – Leave Out The Lawn: You could eliminate the task that most gardeners would rather avoid, namely mowing the lawn, by having a garden that does not have a lawn by replacing it with artificial turf or paving, for example.

Low Maintenance Tip #2 – Decide On No Wooden Decking: Wood decking does require Maintenance, such as cleaning, and when it gets filthy, you may have to pressure clean it. If you must have decking, use composite, which is easier to clean and lasts longer, too.

Low Maintenance Tip #3 – Use Compartmentalised Planting: You can minimise the amount of pruning and general tidying of plant areas by having them in defined square or rectangular compartments that keep them in check.

Low Maintenance Tip #4 – Choose Low-Maintenance Plants: One of the most basic ways to minimise Maintenance in your garden is to opt for plants known not to require much Maintenance, such as evergreens and cacti.

Low Maintenance Tip #5 – Limit The Variety Of Plants: If you ask yourself what would be easier to care for, three or four varieties of plant or a dozen different plant types, you will conclude that the former option is the answer.

Low Maintenance Tip #6 – Use Open Space Wisely: By having plenty of space in your landscape design and that space being planned with low maintenance in mind, you can have a garden that looks great and where the space adds to its aesthetics rather than diminishes.

Low Maintenance Tip #7 – Opt For Hard Walkways: Hard walkways such as paving will always be a better option for a low-maintenance garden than wooden decking or gravel walkways.

Low Maintenance Tip #8 – Add Mulch To Minimise Weeds: Weeding is a chore, so reduce the number of weeds in your garden by adding mulch to the soil, as it will help stop weed seeds from germinating.

Low Maintenance Tip #9 – Utilise Containers For Plants: Plant containers require a lot less tending to than plant beds and the soil they are in. You can also replace seasonal plants and flowers more easily in containers.

Low Maintenance Tip #10 – Choose A Minimalist Landscape Design: A landscaped garden must not be complicated with lots to maintain. The fact is some of the most stunningly beautiful landscape gardens are those which are simple and minimalist.