10 Fun Activities Everyone Should Have On Their Bucket List

Whichever type of group you are trying to arrange fun activities for, be it your family, your friends, or your work colleagues, it can often be difficult to find something that is different from the norm. Whilst, most group activities will be fun to a degree, what really takes the enjoyment to a different level, is their uniqueness.

This list of unusual activities is one which with activities we believe EVERYONE should try at least once in their life, and thus they should be added to their very own ‘bucket list’.

#1 Crime Scene Investigation

Something a bit different within the ‘Whodunnit’ genre where the group gets to work a staged crime scene in the same way you would see on TV shows such as ‘CSI’. The goal is obviously to solve the murder, and have fun doing so.

#2 Axe Throwing

Compete with the others in your group to see who is the top ‘shot’ when it comes to throwing an axe at a target. Axe throwing centres offer a variety of options for groups including axe throwing lessons, team-building exercises, and competitions.

#3 Ice Sculpting

Suited to the more artistic amongst you, this is a peaceful and relaxing activity where you carve a sculpture from a block of ice. You will be given lessons on how to carve correctly, using chisels, files, and even a blowtorch. PS: Don’t forget to wear gloves!

#4 Bubble Football

This is a hugely energetic and fun game where every competitor wears a giant inflatable bubble that houses their upper body, including their head. This obviously makes it harder to move, but also means that you cannot easily get close to any of your opposition either.

#5 Film Stunt Workshop

Almost every action movie has stuntmen and stuntwomen replacing the actor when anything dangerous takes place, and now you can learn how they do it. If you are fit and able enough you can take part in stunt workshops that include sword fights, car stunts, and you even learn to fall down a flight of stairs without hurting yourself.

#6: Caving

This a great way to overcome claustrophobia and you and your team navigate through caves and in doing so discover the underground world that many of us will never ever see.

#7 Indoor Skydiving

This one really gets the adrenalin flowing and is ideal for those who would love to try skydiving but are terrified of flying and jumping out of an aeroplane. This takes place within a vertical air tunnel where you literally fly a few feet above a safety net.

#8 Plane Simulator

To become a real aircraft pilot takes years of training, but you can have a go on day one. You get to ‘fly’ planes as big as commercial aircraft such as a Boeing 747 in a flight simulator, and you do not even have to have a driving licence to qualify.

#9 Dog Sledding

If you live where it never snows, you might think dog sledding is off your list, but you would be wrong. Dog sledding can take place on dry land too, with wheels on your sled instead of skis, and you even have real huskies pulling you.

#10 Sand Yachting

This takes place at the sea but not in the water. It actually happens on the beach whereby each yacht has a sail and a set of three wheels. With the wind at your back, you try to beat your opponents to the finishing line.