Engagement Ring Trends of 2018 and Beyond

Trends are changing all the time, not only in clothing and fashion but engagement rings and other jewellery as well. What’s more, Jewellery Perth tell us that they change so quickly that by the time you think you’ve finally got a handle on what’s “hot”, there’s something new to check out instead. However, engagement ring trends are something worth keeping an eye on, for they can be the difference between your bride-to-be loving her engagement ring or preferring something different.

If the time has come to select one for your significant personalised gift, take note of these new engagement rings of 2018 and beyond.

Double Bands

Is one engagement ring band not enough to satisfy your craving for style? Then, how about two? A new trend of 2018 which is set to take off in the years to come is double-banded engagement rings. Rather than feature one band with a diamond, there are two that interweave into each other before joining at the stone.

While it may look complicated, it ties in with the layering trends we’ve seen of late. What’s more, because it doesn’t create any extra work or effort to include a stone into two bands, it’s an idea that’s beginning to take off.

Baguette Style

In the early 1920s, the Art Deco era revolutionised the world – particularly during the Exposition of Decorative Arts in Paris in 1925. Wanting to relive that spectacular era, more and more brides-to-be are opting for Baguette diamonds. They offer exceptional clarity and clean lines, all the while being step cut with a rectangular shape. A Baguette style ring has so much vintage appeal yet is timeless at the same time.