Five Tips to Stay Positive Under Religious Discrimination

Australia has some of the strongest laws in the world when it comes to things like religious discrimination and workplace bullying. Employees have the right to open legal proceedings against an employer who doesn’t follow the relevant laws, which can result in significant compensation.

However, religious and other forms of discrimination can take a significant toll on your mental health. Because of this, it’s important to actively work on keeping a healthy mind. In the rest of this article, we’ve explored a selection of our top five tips to stay positive under religious discrimination.

  1. Start the Day Properly

If you feel like your mental health may be at a low, it could be a good idea to spend a little time developing a clear morning routine with exercise and sun exposure. Starting the day right can have a huge impact on your state of mind.

For example, you should ensure you’re eating a healthy breakfast, leaving yourself with plenty of time to get organised in the morning and exercising regularly. For some, standing in front of a mirror and saying positive statements to yourself can help.

  1. Learn to Laugh at Bad Situations

Having a strong sense of humour is a magical thing. Of course, religious discrimination is certainly no laughing matter, but learning to laugh at bad situations that are outside of your control will help you maintain a positive frame of mind.

At the same time, maintaining a sense of humour and a positive frame of mind will show the people bullying you that you’re strong and resilient. In many cases, this will be enough to stop them before serious problems arise.

  1. Practice Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is an extremely powerful tool when it comes to maintaining good mental health. Although you should always take actions to end any form of discrimination in the workplace, things take time. In the meantime, keep your spirits up by reinforcing your beliefs and keeping your mind positive.

  1. Find People You Can Lean On

One of the worst things about suffering discrimination or workplace bullying is the feeling that you’re alone. Rather than trying to deal with things on your own, find people who can help. These might be coworkers, friends, family members, medical professionals or even a lawyer.

  1. Exercise Regularly

The strength of the link between mental and physical health has been shown time and time again. Unfortunately, though, a lot of people still neglect their physical health. If you’re feeling down, consider getting out and exercising regularly. You will be amazed at the difference it makes – trust me.

Things like racial discrimination and other forms of workplace bullying can have lasting impacts on your mental health. First and foremost, you should always take the proper channels to deal with any and all forms of discrimination – including reporting it to your manager or employer and taking legal action where necessary.

However, this process takes time. Because of this, we’ve outlined five things you can do to ensure you maintain a positive state of mind, regardless of the problems you have to deal with.