Who is Best Suited to Having Liposuction?

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, there are some people who are better suited to having liposuction than others. These people will get the best results and are the preferred patients of cosmetic surgeons. Most such surgeons will refuse treatment for those who they don’t consider good candidates, since they don’t want to risk getting a poor reputation from someone whose procedure did not do what they expected.

So who are those lucky people that are suitable candidates to have their fatty lumps removed and their body beautifully contoured ?

  • People whose skin is very firm and elastic. Elastic skin has the ability to bounce back after those fatty cells are removed. If your skin is wrinkled and sagging, it will sag even more after liposuction. Even if it is not sagging now, skin that doesn’t have much collagen is likely to sag after treatment. That is why older people whose skin is often lacking in collagen and elasticity may be refused treatment. It’s just as well; you wouldn’t want a big sag where a bump once lived.