Benefits of Dentures

An alarming number of Australians are not happy with their smile. While stained teeth are a common problem, so too are missing or damaged teeth. The next time you visit your dentist, ask about dentures and what they could do for you. The benefits of dentures to replace your irreparable natural teeth may surprise you.

Improved Confidence

Do you make a conscious effort to hide your teeth when you smile? Do you shy away from photos? If you are missing teeth, then it can affect all different parts of your life. You may not feel confident in social situations, work life, or even home life. Missing teeth can also cause facial sag which changes how you look.

Seeing your dentist about dentures can change all that. They look like your natural teeth and fill the gaps in your mouth. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear in no time.

Suitable for Many People

The beauty of dentures is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. There are various options to suit people with different problems. If, for example, you only have a few teeth missing, you can get a partial set of dentures. These fit the roof or bottom of your mouth, filling the gaps between your natural teeth. You can take them out at your leisure as well.



What to Expect When Getting Dentures

No one likes the thought of getting dentures, but if your teeth are missing you won’t be able to chew food properly and can get indigestion or even malnutrition. Besides, most people enjoy eating and if you can’t do it properly it can impact your enjoyment of life and even social interaction.

Probably the worst thing about going to the dentist and getting dentures is the thought of having your teeth out. But this may have happened gradually over the years and you may not need to have any more out. In this case, you’ll be getting a part plate to replace those that are missing. If you do need to have some out, it won’t be any worse than you’ve had before.

The dentist will fit you for a temporary plate so that you won’t be left without an attractive smile, but can pop it in as soon as the gums are healed enough.  This temporary plate may be used for up to 12 months to allow all the swelling to go down and the mouth and gums to adjust to their new normal. Once this has happened, you’ll be fitted for a new, permanent plate.