What Happens During IPL Skin Rejuvenation Procedures?

We all like to know ahead of time what is going to happen to us, especially when a new procedure has been scheduled that we have never had before. Knowing ahead of time allows our minds time to process the steps and we don’t feel nearly as nervous. If you don’t know what to expect you can often feel quite stressed out, even with something as simple as IPL Skin Rejuvenation.

So here is a brief rundown of what to expect when you go for your first IPL skin rejuvenation procedure. But firstly, it is essential to choose a reputable practitioner who has been fully trained and is highly experienced with many happy patients. This may be a simple treatment but it is still a medical procedure and should be treated as such. Letting just anyone do it can cause a whole host of problems.

When you choose the doctor and discuss your needs with them they will advise you on the best skin care treatment for your type of skin. IPL Skin Rejuvenation is not suitable for every skin type. However, once you get the go ahead and make that appointment, here is what you can expect to happen.

The device will be placed on your skin and pressed down gently. It is quite smooth to the feel. The light waves will then be activated. You will need to wear a mask or sunglasses to protect your eyesight and these will be provided, just like at the dentist. Since the light waves create heat, a topical gel that cools the skin may be used in conjunction with the treatment.

You may also take medication for pain before or after the procedure. This too, will be supplied by the clinic. There is no anaesthetic application needed. Treatment usually goes for half an hour, though this can vary, depending on what you are having treated. If it is a large area it will take longer.

Afterwards you will most likely be asked to sit in a recovery room under observation for a while until they are sure that no side effects are bothering you. Simple, isn’t it?

Naturally enough, there will be some after care that you need to do at home. This is mainly just to avoid the hot sun and hot water on your skin for 2-5 days. The doctor will tell you the details. If you feel pain or burning, you can use a cool gel pack or cooling cream, depending on what the doctor suggests.

Even though each treatment is over fairly quickly, overall the treatment lasts for some months because you will need to come back for multiple treatments before the problem is solved. In fact, you may see a darkening of the area before any real improvement. This is not something to worry about, but a normal part of the treatment.