12 Ways to Beat Killer Stress

While we do need some kinds of stress in our lives, constant stress can be not only debilitating, but very dangerous. Health professionals have linked stress to many diseases, from ulcers to heart disease, stroke and more. Acceptable forms of stress are short-lived stress that helps us accomplish certain goals important to us, e.g. exercising for health – which is a form of stress on our body – and stress that saves us from danger. For instance, jumping out of the way of a run-away vehicle is good stress, even though it may leave you trembling.

Dangerous stress is that which goes on for months at a time, such as a stressful workplace or a situation that you can see no end to. Being constantly under physical or emotional stress is bad for your health, but even if you can’t see a way out of the situation you may be able cope with it by employing the following tips.